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Long for Hair was established by professional hairstylist, Caron Collins after she became aware that there was a disappointing lack of support and advice in the Oxon/Berks region for men and women experiencing the difficulties and distress of living with hair loss. Her goal has always been to change this situation and provide a discrete, compassionate and considerate service giving much needed guidance and advice and supplying the best available products to overcome this shortfall.

A need for change

In 2008, a close friend found themselves dealing with the dramatic impact and traumatic effect that sudden hair loss can have on an individual. Caron was shocked and saddened by just how much this had affected her friend’s confidence and self-esteem. She was dismayed to find major shortcomings of available services in the region for people suffering gradual, temporary or permanent hair loss. At that time, the only alternative was to travel much further afield which further enquiry showed, would usually result in a disappointing experience. After some research into the hair piece and wig market, Caron realised that old-fashioned stereotypes had become dated, there are superb products available today, they simply needed to be selected and treated correctly.

associate of Trevor Sorbie’s ‘My New Hair’Caron believed that the ‘one size fits all’ approach was not the answer; hair is so very personal and crucial to a person’s identity. Therefore, it’s important that each hair piece is carefully selected and individually styled to suit its owner. Motivated for change, she met with internationally renowned hairstylist, Trevor Sorbie. Not only did Trevor hold a similar opinion, he had shared a very similar experience which culminated in him establishing the ‘My New Hair’ project; a network of trained professionals who advise and support people in finding good quality wigs, assisting in their careful selection, and personalising them through specialist cutting and styling.

Recognising that this was exactly the type of service missing from the area, and passionately determined to change the situation, Caron attended the L’Oreal academy in London where she underwent extensive and practical training with Trevor. Over time, Caron has completed further training with leading supplier of wigs and hairpieces, Aderans Trendco, and continues to work as an established freelance hairstylist.

Long for Hair is based in Didcot and regularly support clients throughout Oxfordshire and Berkshire including Oxford, Reading, Swindon, Newbury, Abingdon, Wallingford, Witney, Wantage, Faringdon, Henley and all surrounding areas. Call us today to book a no obligation consultation on:
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